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Addiction is a brain disease.

Addiction is a disease. It is frequently described as a primary, chronic, progressive, and relapsing disease. Research in the last decade tells us that addiction is a brain disease.

People are often reluctant to acknowledge addiction as a disease because of voluntary first use of the chemical. Although someone chooses to use alcohol or other drugs initially, the changes that occur in the brain over time do not reflect a deliberate choice. Addiction changes the neuropathways of the mind.

These changes are suspected of creating the thinking and feeling distortions that lead to the compulsion to consume drugs despite the obvious negative consequences. Thus, the nature of addiction is that of compulsive drug use despite negative consequences. This compulsive use has become a part of an accepted definition of addiction.

Why can't addicts just stop?

An addict usually develops drug dependence, and it becomes very hard for him/her to stop the abuse. People who want to get over drug-addiction and give up this habit often find it very hard to do so by themselves.

The addicts are sometimes afraid and embarrassed to accept help; therefore, they do not even ask anyone for help. Some addicts who try to give up, often due to the severe withdrawal symptoms of drug addiction and craving, change their minds.

Many people think that there is no solution to strong drug-addiction, but they are wrong. Drug addiction can be fought; the addict just needs guidance, awareness and support. Families and counselors play the most important role in fighting drug-addiction, as the addict needs constant motivation and support.

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Faith based recovery can be the key.

Many former addicts swear that the only thing that helped them overcome their drug and alcohol addiction was faith and working with a faith-based treatment program.

The truth is that, even if you don't believe in a divine being yourself, that for those who do believe in God, faith-based addiction treatment is one of the best options available. Where else can someone trying to get sober find comfort if not in their faith?

The faith-based treatment program alongside the 12 step program offers a higher rate of success. Those who achieve long term sobriety generally have a loving higher power in their life to help guide them and restore them to sanity. Faith-based treatment programs such as Renaissance Ranch have proven to be successful for many years and will continue for years to come.

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