Experiential Family Therapy

We Offer Family Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Addiction That Will Help Bring Patients and Their Families Together!
At Renaissance Ranch Ogden, our philosophy to addiction recovery is to involve the family and help the family unit as a whole. We recognize the family unit as eternal and powerful, for we know we cannot endure this life and embrace serenity and joy to the fullest without connecting and unifying as families and communities. We aim to bring the addict and the family together to rediscover the truth behind what family relationships are all about.
Our goal is to not just treat the addict but to help the whole family come together in a way they never thought possible. We want you to find true happiness and peace in your new life, and these relationships are a big part of that. If one family member is suffering from alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or prescription drug abuse - experiential family therapy can be very beneficial.
Each family is unique, therefore, each approach to family involvement in recovery is tailored to each situation. There is no additional cost for the Family Program. Renaissance Ranch Program includes weekly educational classes, group therapy, and intro to effective 12-step family support programs in our community. We offer assessments as well. Our custom solution is tailored to the individual and his or her own treatment plan.

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Symbolic Family Addiction Therapy

Addiction destroys the family unit just as much as it destroys the addicts. Living with an addict is no doubt exhausting but also heart-wrenching. Most family members are unaware of how to support the user and avoid getting sucked into the addict’s universe. The most significant segment of symbolic family therapy is the framing of the family unit as an essential part of the recovery process. It pinpoints specific challenges in the family unit and we help families set goals to overcome these obstacles. The aim of family addiction therapy is to resolve these problems by providing an open, equal, and non-threatening forum where each member is given an opportunity to be heard. Our Renaissance Ranch Ogden is a place of discovery, healing, and forgiveness for the whole family.

Putting Pieces of the Family Puzzle Together in a Hands-On Way

Could experiential family therapy do for you what talk therapy can't quite reach? Reaching into the heart of a client who wants change but isn't comfortable with "just talking" can be challenging. Experiential therapy touches many parts of the addict's life through sensory experiences and other explorations. By involving the family, we can provide many hands to lift the client and provide the support and connection of family therapy for addiction. Our team can tell you what is needed to keep on the challenging road to recovery.

Experiential Family Therapy Nurtures Recovery

When a family has mental illness problems, long-term physical illness, or financial issues, Stress on the family produces pain that addiction seems to solve. By bringing the family together to talk, interact, recreate old experiences in a controlled environment and share the pain of the past, the family therapy at Renaissance Ranch Ogden can help reset old wounds and provide a fresh start.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Like Ours Rely on Families of All Kinds for Healing

Our center here in South Ogden, Utah, uses wisdom developed here and at other centers around the country. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has made it clear: when families are involved in treatment; it can help keep treatment in motion and get better results. The family can be a powerful source of pain and a dynamic environment for healing once family members work as a team.
Our Drug Rehab Center and Alcohol Treatment Center Accepts Most Insurance Types

Benefits of Symbolic Experiential Family Therapy for Addiction Recovery

  • Family therapy builds the structure from which each family member can learn to empower versus enable their loved one’s unwanted behaviors.
  • The support provided for the addict helps them learn new ways to handle hardships or conflict, other than turning to drugs or alcohol.
  • Family therapy offers an addict the chance to see that he/ she has a strong support system.
  • Family therapy goes deep into the hardships an addiction causes, helping family members to see the family’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Letting family members speak up about treatment and ask questions so that they can provide more informed support.
  • Learning about addiction and how it affects the family, so everyone can understand it's not just one person's problem.
  • Perhaps most importantly, learning skills, including communication techniques that they didn't have as a family in the past so that the future can be more conscious and supportive of the addict and each other.

What to Expect When the Family Works Together Using Family Therapy for Addiction

Our staff understands that a challenging family past cannot be healed in a short visit. The family therapy Ogden visitors experience is relaxed and comfortable, allowing everyone to come together and learn. It is what they learn that carries forward to continue the client's healing for the long term. We involve the family in learning life skills that they can share. They can then support behavioral changes that our guest is making and understand that they are worth the investment. They can help them set and achieve goals, including having the faith to try again when necessary.

Does Everyone Have to Participate?

We can help reluctant family members, and we respect those who decide not to. Renaissance Ranch is about choices for everyone involved.

Why Choose Renaissance Ranch Ogden for Family-Connected Experiential Therapy?

  • Award-winning substance abuse treatment center
  • Customized therapy tailored to the individual
  • Comprehensive services to heal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being
  • Graduates of the program receive Free services for Life
  • State licensed in substance abuse counselors or master level therapists
  • We Accept Insurance

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At Renaissance Ranch Ogden, we have a comprehensive Family Program, at no additional cost, which entails group therapy, weekly educational classes, and an introduction to an effective 12-step family addiction support program in our community. We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all' approach. We offer personalized therapy tailored to each person’s treatment plan.

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