Vicodin Addiction Causes and Signs in Utah

Beginning to use Vicodin can seem harmless enough. If you have a prescription for it, it may seem especially innocent. But, even people who take the pain reliever belonging to someone else without their own prescription may see it as just a minor issue. Then, after developing a habit of taking Vicodin and consuming larger or more frequent doses, they may notice the onset of some addiction symptoms yet continue misusing the drug. If that sounds like your situation, it’s time to look toward rehab to regain control of your life.

If you've discovered that someone you care about is addicted to Vicodin, it's crucial to get help as soon as possible.

What Is Vicodin?

Vicodin is a prescription medication for the relief of moderate pain. It consists of hydrocodone (an opioid) and acetaminophen. Prolonged use of Vicodin can lead to psychological and physical addiction. The euphoric effects of Vicodin cause it to be attractive as a substance for misuse. To overcome Vicodin addiction, you’ll need to identify the right rehab program for your particular needs and preferences.

Is Vicodin Addictive?

This drug affects the reward centers of the brain and the parts responsible for learning, memory, impulse control, and motivation. But, can you get addicted to Vicodin? Yes, Vicodin is one of the 5 most common prescription drug addictions. You can develop a Vicodin addiction by using the drug for longer than the prescription allows or in improper dosages. Overuse of Vicodin can cause a person to feel as if he/she must take the drug to function normally.

Vicodin Addiction Symptoms

Here are some of the most common Vicodin addiction signs and symptoms:

  • Using the drug for longer than prescribed.
  • Increasing the doses of the drug.
  • Extreme cravings for the drug.
  • Poor performance at school or work or at home.
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when attempting to stop using the drug.
  • Unsuccessful efforts to stop using Vicodin.
  • Engaging in risky behavior, such as driving, while using the drug.
  • Devoting a lot of time to trying to obtain the drug, use it, and recover from using it.
  • Persisting in using the drug even knowing that it’s harming you.

Vicodin Addiction Treatment

If you find that you are addicted to Vicodin, you need to seek appropriate treatment to overcome your dependence on the drug. SUD rehab in any form typically involves this basic process:

  1. Evaluation: An intake interview and a medical evaluation help determine the best treatment for your needs and help identify any co-occurring conditions.
  2. Detox: Vicodin detoxification with medical supervision involves managing symptoms as the withdrawal process is completed.
  3. Therapy: Rehab treatment can include medication(s), behavioral, family, and group therapy, individual counseling, and treatment for anxiety or other conditions.
  4. Aftercare: As you’re preparing to conclude your treatment program, you’ll meet with your rehab team to develop a plan for maintaining your recovery.

Finding the Right Rehab Program for You

A client in Vicodin rehab receives the same individual treatment and group therapy as those in inpatient programs. But, as outpatients, they can live at home and continue with their usual daily lives. They may participate in or even partial hospitalization programs as outpatients.

With any Vicodin addiction treatment you choose, there are some essential principles of successful addiction treatment to keep in mind:

  • Treatment must address mental, physical, social, legal, employment, and other Vicodin addiction causes and contributors to substance abuse.
  • 90 days minimum for treatment has been shown in studies to be more likely to lead to long-term recovery.
  • The treatment team must provide flexibility for changing needs of the client during the rehab program.

Renaissance Vicodin Rehab Options

Renaissance is an outpatient treatment center for alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Ogden, Utah. We utilize a Vicodin treatment model that incorporates clinical methods and individually customized treatment processes to meet each client’s personal therapeutic needs.

Our Vicodin rehab treatment options include:

  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) — 90-day program
  • General Outpatient Treatment (GOP) — 90-Day program
  • Continuing Care Program — 6-month program
  • Individual Counseling — as needed

Renaissance Ranch Ogden

We’re here to help you heal and make your way to freedom from Vicodin addiction. We provide addiction recovery treatment in a safe and supportive outpatient rehab environment. Your therapy team will help you resolve personal issues and benefit from your support systems as you progress through your rehab program. We’ll then work with you to transition into after-care to maintain your long-term recovery as you enjoy your new life.

Contact Renaissance Ranch Ogden at (385) 222-3737, or contact us online to schedule a free assessment and get answers to all of your questions about Vicodin rehab.

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