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Welcome to Renaissance Ranch Ogden! We are a sought-after addiction treatment center in Ogden. Renaissance Ranch Ogden offers comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction recovery programs, assessments, rehab, and interventions. Our priority is to help you.

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Variety of Proven Outpatient Treatments and Rehabilitation Programs to Fit Your Needs:

Get the help you or your loved one needs with Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Rehabilitation, and Recovery in Utah. Renaissance Ranch received the Best of State Award for their intensive outpatient recovery and rehabilitation program. Get help with your Drug and alcohol addiction across the entire Wasatch Front 24/7.

Whether you’re in Ogden, Brigham City, Roy, Syracuse, or anywhere else we will help you with recovery. Renaissance Ranch is an Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation center conveniently located in Ogden, UT.

Stop the pain of Alcohol and Drug addiction today! We specialize in all types of addiction rehabilitation and recovery.

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Drug Rehab Center in Utah

Outpatient Treatment

Treating Addiction through Spiritual-Centered Solutions for Individuals in Ogden, Layton, Clearfield, Roy, Syracuse, Farr West & Brigham City, Utah.

IOP or Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment programs are offered in both morning and evenings sessions. Some of our clients attend morning groups and some evening to best fit busy work and family schedules.

Lifetime Contract

We stand by our work! Life time services are guaranteed to all clients who complete the full 1 year program. If a client needs additional support at a future date, they are welcome to come back free of charge. (Not Available on Discounted Rates)

Addiction Programs Delivered by an Experienced Team

We understand that addiction treatment is only as good as those who provide it. This is why our programs are delivered by a team of experienced, friendly, and passionate therapists. With their experience in the field, they deliver results-driven programs that help each client change for the better and ultimately live a sober life full of hope.

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