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Are you struggling with alcohol and drug addiction in Layton, Utah? Renaissance Ranch Ogden offers affordable rehabilitation services in Utah including outpatient therapy, alcohol abuse treatment, and drug addiction treatment; plus, we have more than ten years of experience in the addiction recovery industry.

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Psychological Dependency

Renaissance Ranch addresses psychological dependency by teaching patients different ways to freely interact with one another in a drug-free zone. We encourage them to avoid associating themselves with friends who still abuse drugs. Our twelve-step program helps the addicts to stop using drugs and alcohol. Also, it enables them to change certain addiction-related habits.

Which Treatments are Offered?

Behavioral Therapy

Renaissance offers a variety of behavioral therapies including;
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: It helps substance addicts to identify, avoid and get accustomed to scenarios that can easily cause them to relapse.
  • Family therapy: Our multidimensional family therapy aims at supporting patients to fully recover by boosting their family functioning.
  • Motivational interviewing: We design it to motivate our patients to change their character and to embrace various treatment options. At times, we provide them with motivational incentives.


Our qualified counselors help patients identify various addiction-related characters and challenges. We do it in one-on-one or in a group. The counseling includes crisis, daily and weekly counseling. We have trained our staff to develop efficient recovery programs that enable addicts to develop healthy behaviors. Also, they work together with the patients' families. A knowledgeable counselor should be able to identify the effects of addiction on an individual and on their family.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy works to correct a client's core beliefs. Certain core beliefs activate particular addictive belief systems that lead to imaginary benefits of drugs and alcohol abuse, thus causing a craving. Once craving activates the permissive beliefs, one starts developing undesirable drug ingesting and seeking behaviors. Our cognitive therapists' main role is to unearth the hidden belief system, to analyze it together with the patient, and to explain its inefficiency.

Relapse Prevention

During treatment, our program teaches those in recovery skills to manage their cravings in order to avoid relapse. Preparing to deal with triggers can help users and loved ones react in a healthy way. It is also important to educate family members and other loved ones so that when stressful scenarios arise, those closest can help reinforce the relapse prevention plan and be supportive.

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Renaissance Ranch in Ogden provides different addiction assessments, interventions, and recovery programs. We serve the people in Ogden and surrounding areas. Also, we teach our patients the primary causes of addiction and suitable rehabilitation methods for them. We not only treat addicts but we also help them to reunite with their families.
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