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Road To Recovery Sign - Addiction Recovery Brigham City - Renaissance Ranch OgdenIf you are on the destructive path of addiction, Renaissance Ranch, a drug rehab and alcohol rehab serving Brigham City, Utah can help you change your path to one leading to a healthy, joyful life. Addiction is a destructive condition where you are repeatedly engaging in harmful behavior, seeking out and using drugs or alcohol despite the adverse effects and potential for permanent damage or death. These substances can change the brain and further complicate recovery due to craving and relapse. That’s why it’s not enough to treat just the individual who is addicted, our philosophy is to treat the entire family. Addictions create unique challenges and not every outpatient rehab center is prepared to handle the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of recovery.

Our Outpatient Drug Rehab and Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Just as no addict is exactly like the next, no one drug rehab or alcohol rehab treatment plan suits all. We understand how to structure an outpatient drug and alcohol rehab program for the best possibility of success. The methods and length of time can vary but include educational programs, weekly group therapy sessions, an introduction to community support programs, and relapse prevention.

Substance abuse can be illegal drugs as well as prescription medications and alcohol. These are usually symptoms of a greater underlying problem. Our goal is to treat the underlying cause using counseling, and addressing how the addict thinks, feels, and reacts to life around them. We provide individuals with the tools and life skills for managing emotions and making positive choices to avoid drugs or alcohol.

Treatment usually begins with several outpatient sessions weekly, following a customized treatment plan designed specifically to address your needs. After completing this, the next step is a more conventional, less intense routine leading to complete recovery.

Renaissance Ranch is a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center for Brigham, Utah Residents

The Renaissance Ranch drug rehab and alcohol rehab center has a unique approach, combining spirituality with a proven 12-step program to achieve a greater chance of success. The excellent therapists and addiction specialists have years of practical knowledge gained from working with individuals and families in Brigham City dealing with substance abuse. These passionate therapists are dedicated to helping people break free of their addictions and live a healthy sober life.

Addiction can grow gradually from a recreational pastime to a serious problem before you even realize what’s happened. It takes more and more quantity of a substance to achieve the effect you’re after, and as the body develops tolerance, the negative effects of the drugs or alcohol continue to accumulate.

The time is right when you decide you do not want to live this way any longer. When you realize you can regain the life you’ve lost and you’re ready to make that change. In the Brigham City area, you can find the help you need at the Renaissance Ranch drug rehab and alcohol rehab center. Call for an assessment opportunity. We’re so confident that our program will work we offer a lifetime contract, with lifetime services for any client who completes the program. (Not Available on Discounted Rates). That’s right – a client who finishes the prescribed program and needs support in the future is welcome to return at no charge.

Visit our website renaissanceranchogden.com for more information. Our hours are Monday through Thursday from 4:00 to 8:00 pm, however, you can reach us 24/7 simply by calling 385-222-3737. When is the right time? The right time is right now.

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"When Everything Seems Like an Uphill Struggle, Just Think of the View from the Top"

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Renaissance Ranch is an Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Center conveniently located in Ogden, UT. Stop the pain of alcohol and drug addiction today!



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