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A Spiritual Outpatient Alternative

Renaissance Rehabilitation Center provides outpatient therapy treatment in Ogden, Utah. We provide adult patients struggling with addiction something beyond the standard treatment program. Various principles of the faith influence our services. Treating both the body and the soul offers our patients the best chance at recovery. Our goal is setting you on the path to having a whole and healthy life.

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The Importance of Family

We believe in involving the family in every aspect of recovery. Most families need help understanding the true nature of addiction. Promoting education and understanding on the part of both the patient and their loved ones helps lead to forgiveness and healing on all sides.

Award-Winning Services

Successful application of our philosophies earned Renaissance’ outpatient rehabilitation program a “Best Of State” award from the state of Utah. We apply those same philosophies at our Ogden site, surrounded by the beauty and serenity of the mountain landscape. Our top-quality staff works tirelessly to bring the best care possible to our clients.

A Lifetime Guarantee

We offer lifetime treatment to everyone who successfully completes the outpatient program. That demonstrates the strength of our confidence in the methods of treatment applied. Anyone experiencing a setback gets to return for additional therapy. That sets us apart from other treatment programs in the area.

Financial Assistance Available

We assess the financial situation of each client and work with them to customize a payment plan that suits their budget. Our facility also works with Zions Bank to find additional financing if needed. Insurance payments are also welcome, except Medicare and Medicaid. Our administrators verify exactly what plan benefits are available. We strive to allow patients to focus on treatment with the least amount of financial stress.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Treatments Offered:

Renaissance Rehabilitation Center offers help to those suffering from the effects of drug, alcohol, and prescription drug abuse. The design of each program works to address the specific needs of the patient to get the best outcome. We provide support during both morning and evening hours.

Drug Addiction Treatment

Our drug therapy applies methods that help patients by:

  • Maximizing readiness for treatment
  • Providing patients with the tools to manage difficult situations without drugs
  • Getting to the root of what set them on the path to addiction
  • Using constructive support to help patients stay away from the source of their addiction

Alcohol Dependence Treatment

Techniques used to treat alcohol abuse include:

  • Using holistic therapy plans customized for each patient
  • Working to bring about tangible changes in a client’s behavior
  • Providing help to the mind, body, and spirit
  • Incorporating spiritual ideas into 12-step programs for everyone

Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment

We aid in recovering from prescription drug abuse by:

  • Making staff available who understand how to treat individuals struggling to end their dependence on prescribed drugs
  • Addressing underlying issues like depression, pain, and other emotional issues
  • Helping patients work through a 12-step program grounded in Godly tenants

Don’t put off treatment any longer. Let Renaissance Rehabilitation Center in Ogden help get you out of a place of despair and into a space of hope and healing. Schedule an appointment today.

Take a chance on true recovery.

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