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An addiction is a disease of the mind. Renaissance Ranch Ogden is a popular drug and alcohol treatment center in Utah that addresses addiction as a brain disease. Using scientific data gathered from the past decade, our facilities offer all-inclusive programs to treat this disease for life. We combine individual, family, and spiritual therapy to help the patient overcome their addictions for life. This affordable treatment can provide hope for the addict and their loved ones through a detailed recovery process.

Recovery Services for Addiction

Our main philosophy regarding addiction treatment is to include the family in all aspects of the recovery process. With that in mind, there are four main treatment programs we offer to aid in the recovery of this disease.

Drug Rehabilitation

Our drug rehab program addresses addiction by acknowledging that abuse can lead to changes in the brain and its neuro pathways. Renaissance Ranch offers four main types of therapy to help the patient reverse those changes.

  • Cognitive and behavioral
  • Family counseling
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Motivational incentives and contingency management

These therapies work in conjunction with a 12-step program that has an emphasis on spirituality. The therapy is done through groups, classes, and one-on-one counseling with a professional therapist.

Alcohol Treatment

We believe a change in behavior can happen through the process of changing how the patient thinks. The Renaissance Ranch takes a holistic approach towards the abuse and the issues that are factored into the behavior itself. This is accomplished through:

  • Holistic counseling in group and one-on-one settings
  • Spiritual concepts and practices
  • Custom 12-step therapy program
  • Our staff is not only focused on the symptoms of the addiction, but also on the behavior.

Prescription Drug Abuse

We at Renaissance Ranch understand the causes behind prescription drug abuse and want to help the individual and their family members towards recovery. This is accomplished through:

  • A faith based 12-step program
  • Therapy to address issues of pain, depression, and anxiety
  • Including the family in the process of treatment

Our staff’s knowledge and understanding of this addiction help them to tackle the psychological and medical conditions that are involved.

Family Program

By involving the family and helping them as a whole, we seek to bring the patient and their loved ones together as a unit that can rely on one another. This treatment comes at no additional costs as it is our main philosophy that a healthy family unit is instrumental towards the recovery process. The program includes:

  • Weekly classes
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Introduction to 12-step family support programs within the community

The purpose behind the family program is to resolve issues in a conductive and non-threatening environment, allowing each family member the opportunity to speak freely.

Drug Rehab in Clearfield City

We understand the science behind addiction. Our goal is to help the patient towards a fulfilling life of sobriety. We do this by offering a successful 12-step program with an emphasis on spirituality, various therapies, and by including the family. Renaissance Ranch won the “Best in State” award last year for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Our expertly trained therapeutic staff is here to help. Begin that road towards recovery and healing by reaching out to us today at 385-222-3737.

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