You Can Be Free from Addiction – Contact Renaissance Ranch Ogden Drug and Alcohol Rehab - Award-Winning Treatment Program in UtahAt Renaissance Ranch Ogden, we pride ourselves in providing superior drug and alcohol rehabilitation services in Utah. We are an adult male and female rehab with smaller group sizes for more attention to clients. Our mission is to help clients learn how to live a substance-free life filled with balance, purpose, and belonging. We focus on making the addiction recovery process as comfortable as possible for our patients. Intensive research went into designing our rehabilitation program to identify and implement methods that work. Our qualified, skilled and experienced addiction recovery staff work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure the recovery is not only effective but also long-lasting. Below are other reasons why you should choose Renaissance Ranch as your partner through your recovery journey.

Award-Winning Treatment Program

The Renaissance Ranch founders received the Best of State Award for the intensive outpatient recovery program; the very same program used at our Ogden location! Nominations for the Best of State Awards are reviewed by more than 100 judges. Nominations were based 50% on achievement and excellence in mental health; 30% on creative approach; and 20% to the contribution of improving Utah.
Best of 2019 Award - South Ogden - Renaissance Ranch Ogden, Utah

Free Addiction Treatment Services for Life

We are so confident in our treatment methods that anyone that completes our full addiction recovery program is offered a lifetime contract for our services. (Not Available on Discounted Rates) This means our clients can come back for rehab at no cost - for life!  That's on that sets us apart.

Family Program

Drug addiction is a disease that causes chaos within families. It is for this reason that we at Renaissance Ranch we treat addiction as a family disease. For effective and long-lasting recovery, the patient requires support from those closest to them. We not only treat the addict but the entire family as a whole to help them rebuild their relationships through involvement. We understand that each family is different and that is why we personalize therapy and not take a one fits all approach.

Comprehensive Alcohol and Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

Alcohol and drug treatment on its own is not enough. We take an approach where we give our clients comprehensive rehabilitation program to make sure they are successful. We meet our clients where they are and give them the tools they need to reach long-term recovery. We aim to provide a compassionate and structured environment where each patient gets tools that they require to live a productive and fulfilling sober lifestyle. We focus on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of each patient.

Professional Expertise

Our patients benefit from the knowledge accumulated by our expert staff in the field of holistic drug recovery. All counselors are State licensed in substance abuse counselors or Master level therapists. Our staff has the right training and experience required to take the patient through the shame and the guilt that comes with drug addiction. We do not believe in shame or guilt, we believe that each experience has value. Your failures in the past should not discourage you but rather learn from them. Our staff is keen on offering the best services to our patients and that is why they follow up to ensure that all patients get aftercare.

You Can Be Free from Addiction - Contact Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Utah Today!

Contact Renaissance Ranch Ogden to get the best services and effective and long-lasting recovery. We believe that by equipping our patients with the right tools to live a sober life with balance and purpose. To achieve happiness and maintain long term sobriety you will require a new perspective on life. Let us at Renaissance Ranch help you discover the real you and get a new life perspective. We Accept Insurance! Learn more about payment options.

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