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How Gratitude Can Make the Road to Recovery Easier

When you are going through addiction recovery, taking steps to build a healthier lifestyle and boost your well-being is a big part of getting better. This can be a challenge when you are not used to living this way, but it doesn’t have to be. A simple yet highly effective way to make the recovery process easier on yourself is by practicing being thankful. Learn more about gratitude and addiction recovery as you work your way through this process. (more…)

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How to Discuss Opioids with Your Teenager

There is a national opioid crisis. While some opioids such as heroin are illegal, there are many opioids including hydrocodone, oxycodone and morphine that are prescribed by health care providers to treat pain. Misuse of prescription drugs is among the fastest growing drug problem among teenagers. Many students in high school are experimenting with opioids, and there is a risk of addiction. Many parents prefer not to think that their teenagers are at risk of drug use, but unfortunately, one out of every eight in high school are using opioids for non-medical reasons.

The best prevention for opioid misuse is by talking to your children from a young age. Below is a guide to help parents to know where to start.


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Battling drug addiction? No doubt the journey to sobriety will be challenging, but you need to keep pressing on. We’ve gathered six highly valuable Motivational Quotes for Drug Addicts that we believe will keep you going no matter what;

“We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.”

You’ve been through trying times of addiction, done terrible things and suffered a lot. There are instances you felt so empty and suicidal. However, whatever tribulations you’ve had to go through and will probably experience when fighting drug addiction have only made you stronger.


How to Stop Enabling an Addict

Most people like to help other people, but when it comes to addiction, sometimes help isn’t always appropriate. Here some ways you may inadvertently be enabling addictive behaviors and keeping a loved one from going down a path of recovery.

  • Lying: You might be calling in sick for your spouse when they have a bad hangover. You might also be lying to yourself about the addictive behaviors and saying that things aren’t that bad. It’s better to face the truth, and let the addict face the result of their own behaviors.
  • Making excuses for the addict’s behavior: Addicts are great at making excuses for their behavior. Don’t do the same. You might tell yourself or others that the addict is “going through a rough patch” or “had a difficult childhood” or has “x diagnosis.” Stop making excuses and see things as they really are – the addiction won’t go away on its own. The addict needs professional help to recover.
  • Sacrificing your own needs for the whims of the addict: Don’t expect an addict to understand or care about your own needs. Whether it is a basic need such as food, housing, or shelter, or other human needs such as trust, fidelity, affection, and honesty – be sure to make sure your needs are met before sacrificing yourself to addictive whims. And don’t forget to ask for help if you need it, so you can get the support you deserve.
  • Avoiding confrontation: It can be quite difficult to confront an addict about his or her addiction. They might be in denial or blame you. However, the more people that confront the addict about his or her addiction, the harder it is for the addict to avoid addressing the issue. Be brave, and remember that a confrontation is an act of caring.
  • Giving the addict money: It’s not uncommon for people to suffer bankruptcy, unpaid bills, low credit scores, and other financial disasters all because they gave money to addicts. Money does not help addicts recover. It only lets them keep going on their path of destruction. Save your money and your financial reputation. Give addicts what they really need – honesty, care, and accountability.
  • Becoming their personal manager: Addicts introduce a sense of personal chaos in the way they live their lives. It’s only natural for others to try to help by organizing and managing everything for the addict, who might seem quite helpless. However, if you start doing things for an individual that they should be able to do on their own, such as paying bills, making sure they arrive at work on time or eating good meals, you are keeping them from taking control of their own responsibilities. Let them handle basic “adulting” activities without your intervention.
  • Rescuing the addict from the problems they created: You might be embarrassed by the messes addicts create. You do everything you can to hide the evidence of a problem, from cleaning up liquor bottles from the front yard, washing their dirty clothes, or paying for their bail. Remember, embarrassment might be an uncomfortable feeling, but it won’t last forever. Let the addict face the consequences of their actions, rather than trying to hide their addictions. Addictions are a mental disorder, and it’s not your fault, so don’t try to hide it.


If you are ready to get control of your life, and help your loved one recover from addiction, contact Renaissance Ranch in Ogden, Utah. We’re here to help.

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Drug Rehab in Clearfield City - Renaissance Ranch Ogden

An addiction is a disease of the mind. Renaissance Ranch Ogden is a popular drug and alcohol treatment center in Utah that addresses addiction as a brain disease. Using scientific data gathered from the past decade, our facilities offer all-inclusive programs to treat this disease for life. We combine individual, family, and spiritual therapy to help the patient overcome their addictions for life. This affordable treatment can provide hope for the addict and their loved ones through a detailed recovery process.

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Moving from active addiction to successful recovery is a tough process that requires maximum support from experts and family members. Recovering addicts often need proper inspiration to empower them during difficult moments and give them hope for the future. At Renaissance Ranch Ogden, we encourage positivity because it instills confidence in recovering addicts and helps them complete the recovery process.

In the modern world, we happily have a better understanding of how to treat addictions in various ways than we used to. Most people think of the more common ones: to keep addicts away from drugs, set achievable recovery goals, and give them proper advice and medication during the recovery process, but what recovering addicts really value is the amount of love and support you offer them.

At Renaissance Ranch Ogden, we offer outpatient treatment services to the addicts and restore lost hope to their relatives and friends. Our objective is to have a drug-free, family-friendly community. We offer comprehensive assessments, drug addiction recovery programs, and family-focused therapy to help family members and addicts walk the road to recovery together.

Inspirational quotes help because they offer a new way to look at the world. Below is a list of a few helpful inspirational quotes for recovering addicts that we have put together, but there are plenty more out there. We offer a little extra interpretation to help readers understand why we feel inspired and encouraged by these quotes and how they relate to the recovery process in particular.

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According to the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, kids who learn about drugs from parents are significantly less likely to use drugs—and yet 20 percent of kids say they’ve never had that important conversation even once. That statistic illustrates one of the key challenges—and opportunities—families have in keeping their children safe. Having “the talk” (or, even better, talks) isn’t that difficult. With drug and alcohol references all over popular culture—in films, television, music and on the Internet—you have plenty of conversational openings. It’s not the opportunity, but the substance and style of your conversation that matters. Here are a few tips for getting started and making your best case in a way that your teenagers won’t automatically reject.


facts about prescription drug abuse in Utah

Everyone has heard of celebrities checking into rehab facilities or overdosing on prescription pain medications prescribed by their doctors. But what some may not know is that, from the years of 2000-2014, the number of prescription drug overdoses in the state of Utah has increased by a staggering 400%According to the Utah Department of Health, from the years of 2012-2014, at least 24 people died every month from prescription related drug overdoses.