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According to several national surveys, prescription medications are abused more than any other group of controlled substances, with the exception of marijuana. Most often, the abused medications are those used to treat pain, attention deficit disorders and anxiety. The caring and knowledgeable staff at Renaissance Ranch Ogden understand the underlying causes of the prescription medication abuse cycle. They can help patients reach sobriety to live full, healthy lives.

What is Prescription Drug Abuse?

Holding hands - Prescription Drug Abuse HelpPhysicians prescribe medications to patients that will benefit from their effects. Sometimes, however, these same medications can be abused or misused by the patients or others around them. In simple terms, prescriptions medications are abused when they take are taken by people they weren’t intended for, or when they are taken in ways that differ from the prescribed amounts and methods. There are several key indicators of abuse. These include someone constantly seeking more of the drug even when the symptoms they were used to treat are no longer present. Another sign is that someone is taking a prescription medication in doses higher than recommended in order to feel ‘high’ or feelings of euphoria. This behavior may continue despite impacts on their relationships. Misuse includes using a prescription drug in ways that were not recommended by their healthcare professional. For instance, someone may take more of a drug thinking that they will experience the therapeutic effects more quickly with a higher dose. If a patient is prescribed a sleeping pill yet does not fall asleep after one pill, they may take an additional pill after an hour with the thinking that is the next appropriate step. In another scenario, they may offer pain medication to a friend who is experiencing pain. Both of these examples show signs of misuse of prescription medications, however, the patients objective was not to get ‘high’. These are signs of patients using medications in ways that their physicians did not intend. In essence, they are using the medications to treat themselves. The primary difference between abuse and misuse is the individual’s motivation for using a medication. Regardless, both situations can be harmful for the individual. In some cases, it may be life threatening because physicians prescribe medications in ways intended to achieve a therapeutic effect but protect the life of the individual.

Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment

Through a 12-step program, you can find the path to a lifetime of sobriety. The program, based on sound Godly principles, is a proven method to achieve and maintain sobriety. The unique program at Renaissance Ranch Ogden has helped many avoid future relapses and maintain their sobriety. The staff at Renaissance Ranch Ogden is knowledgeable and able to work with individuals, not only to address addiction, but also depression, anxiety and pain. Their expertise and understanding of the underlying physiological, psychological and medical conditions allows patients to fully address their issues in a caring, therapeutic environment.

Renaissance Ranch Ogden

Breaking free from the addiction cycle takes more than willpower. The holistic approach to the programs at Renaissance Ranch Ogden cares for the whole person. The 12-step approach combined with Godly principles bring the necessary spiritual healing. Another important part of the treatment process is the inclusion of family. Renaissance Ranch Ogden offers family therapy, as well as, programs that address alcohol and substance abuse. Outpatient programs are also available. To continue the journey following treatment, there is also continuing care services. Prescription drug addiction does not have to dominate your life. We can help you start the journey back to a full, rewarding life. Contact us here, or call 385-222-3737 anytime 24/7 to take the first step toward living a life free from addiction.

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