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Drug addiction is a pervasive disabling condition marked by an irresistible, or uncontrolled urge to seek and use drugs in spite of negative consequences and changes in brain functioning, which could potentially be permanent. These brain changes can cause people on drugs to deviate in behavior, such as when drug addicts relapse into their behavior, returning to drug use after successfully stopping.
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Outpatient Drug Rehab Ogden Utah

The main working philosophy at Renaissance Ranch Ogden, as far as addiction recovery is concerned, is to include the family, and treat them as a single unit. The family structure is considered as a strong entity, since life cannot be enjoyed to the fullest extent without a strong familial bond. The goal is to unite the family with the addict, uncover the family dynamics, and find a suitable approach for the treatment process. Every family is special, and hence the approach in involving the family in the recovery process should be customized for every situation. The Family Program comes at no additional cost. Renaissance Ranch Program includes educational programs, group therapy every week, an introduction to a 12-step family support community programs, and ongoing assessments. The center offers a customized solution that fits the individual's needs and his treatment plan.

Different Types of Therapy

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Helps patients recognize, reject and grapple with situations in which they are probable to use drugs.
  • Multidimensional Family Therapy: Designed for young people suffering from drug abuse and their families, which recognizes the reasons behind their drug use behavior, and aims to enhance the functioning of the family.
  • Motivational Interviewing:Makes the most of people's readiness to change their behavior and enter treatment
  • Motivational Incentives/ Contingency Management: Utilizes positive reinforcement strategies to encourage people to stay away from drugs

Treatment plans initially begin with patients having numerous outpatient sessions every week. After fulfilling the requirements of the intensive treatment plan, patients progress to conventional outpatient treatment which is less intensive to enable full recovery.

A Unique Approach to Drug Addiction Therapy

Addiction has the potential to disintegrate the family structure, as much as the addict himself. A majority of family members are not equipped with the knowledge to support the user, and use avoidance as a measure. The crucial aspect of family therapy is involving the family as a vital part of the process of recovery. The main goal of addiction therapy is to offer solutions for problems faced, by offering a conducive environment.
A treatment program which is based in spirituality along with a 12-step program promises a greater chance of success. Patients who don’t suffer a relapse usually have a superior power to help navigate through life's struggles and restore peace.

Top-Rated Drug Rehab Ogden

At Renaissance Ranch Ogden, we perform therapy in group settings, educational classes, and a 12-step family addiction support therapy. The therapists offer one on one customizable solutions for each person's treatment plan. Potential clients are encouraged to contact us here or call (385) 269-5330 to offer solutions for the ever-growing epidemic of drug addiction.

After completing treatment, patients receive continuing care for six months designed to support and promote sobriety. This consists of one group session per week. Morning and evening sessions are available.