Renassiance Ranch Ogden Client Rights

  • Each Renaissance Ranch client has the right to:
    1. Be treated with love, dignity, acceptance, and respect by Staff and other clients
    2. Be fully informed of his/her rights
    3. Be fully informed of any changes or fees associated with Renaissance Ranch
    4. Be involved as much as possible in his/her own treatment plan
    5. Be informed of the treatment process and expectations prior to admittance
    6. Be given advance notice to any pending discharge and reasons thereof.
    7. Be assured that any information contained in his/her record will not be released to any outside agency(s) or individual(s) with the client's written authorization
    8. Have reasonable access to a telephone
    9. Communicate with whomever he/she chooses as long as such communication does not violate the Renaissance Ranch policy or court instructions
    10. Be fully informed of his/her legal, medical, and clinical status
    11. Examine his/her file to the extent permitted by Renaissance Ranch policy and with a Counselor present
    12. Receive equal treatment and opportunity regardless of race, color, creed, religion, handicap , disability, etc.
    13. Voice grievances directly to management, counselors or other Renaissance Ranch without fear of reprisal
    14. Be given a copy of his/her rights if requested
    15. Be given reasons of involuntary termination, an opportunity to state their view and the criteria for readmission into the program
    16. Be protected from harm or acts of violence
    17. Be assured that the rights of smokers and non-smokers comply with the Clean Air Act.
    18. I understand that I have the right to contact the Utah Office of Licensing with any concerns that I may have.
    Clients are encouraged to report any offenses to these rights to the Executive Directory
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