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We Provide a Lifetime Contract After Successfully Completing Our Addiction Treatment Program in Ogden


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Drug and alcohol addiction recovery are ongoing, even after you complete a program at an addiction treatment center. That's why the Renaissance Ranch in Ogden offers a Lifetime Contract - (Not Available on Discounted Rates). Our addiction specialists understand that rehabilitation continues throughout a patient's life, and we are committed to providing care for patients who face drug and alcohol addiction and recovery problems even after completing our program. Just knowing that you can get help when you need it can give you the strength to stay on a sober path.

What is a Lifetime Contract?

A Lifetime Contract with Renaissance Ranch means that you can seek additional treatment at our rehab center if you've previously completed our full program and want to become sober again. Our program is comprised of 90 days in-depth outpatient treatment, and 6 months in our alumni program receiving ongoing care. After successful completion of our program, you will receive a lifetime contract to receive continued treatment at no cost.   

What Other Rehab Centers Offer Lifetime Care?

Lifetime contracts at rehab facilities are few and far between. Since relapse is a possibility for every patient that completes a program, many facilities believe they stand to lose money if patients return and go through the program again at no cost. At Renaissance Ranch in Ogden, Utah, our Lifetime Contract is truly for a lifetime. There are no hidden costs, fees, or fine print. If you need help overcoming a substance abuse challenge in the future after completing our program, just come back. Our patients become our friends and family, and we're committed to their ongoing sobriety. It's that simple.

What is the Renaissance Ranch Approach?

Drug addiction and recovery aren't easy. Addiction and the reasons behind it are multi-faceted, which means the approach to recovery must also be multi-faceted. In the past 10 years of operating an outpatient drug and alcohol addiction recovery center, we have learned that to be as successful as possible with sobriety, three types of healing need to take place -- physical, psychological, and spiritual. Our program involves the traditional twelve steps that draw from gospel principles that relate to addiction and recovery. We've seen this spiritual approach in action and believe it's an essential component to long-term sobriety.

Ready for Recovery? Reach Out to Our Addiction Rehab Center in Utah Today and Ask About Our Lifetime Contract

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, you're not alone. Societal pressure, depression, anxiety, and spiritual upheaval are prevalent in today's world and they can deeply affect people. Often, substance use provides temporary relief, which quickly turns into substance abuse and subsequently, addiction. Addiction can tear apart your family, your home, your job, and your health.

If you or your loved one are serious about closing this chapter of your life and becoming sober, reach out to us at the Renaissance Ranch today. We know how difficult it can be to overcome substance abuse and we're here to support you and give you the tools you need to start a path of lifelong sobriety. Call now at (385) 222-3737. We accept most health insurances and serve patients in Ogden, Utah and surrounding areas.

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