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Relapse Prevention Strategies to Stay Sober

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The road to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is often a long and difficult one. The path sometimes takes a few twists and turns before finally heading in the direction you really want to go. Relapse isn’t always a part of recovery, but it certainly can be – and is – for many addicts. Relapse doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It simply means you’re human, and you’re trying. Someone once said “Recovery is a journey between two stations. One station represents total chaos, and the other represents total serenity. What is important is not where you are, but what direction you are facing,” and here at Renaissance Ranch, we believe this wholeheartedly. We help point you in the right direction so you can see your way clearly down the road to recovery from addiction. 

By following the relapse prevention tips below, you’ll be prepared for anything along the way. At our outpatient alcohol treatment center in Ogden, we have skilled and experienced professionals who can recognize the signs of an impending relapse and help you or your loved one maintain sobriety.

What Is a Relapse?

When someone who has struggled with substance abuse has achieved some period of sobriety and then returned to active use. Many people who are in early recovery experience at least one relapse while learning healthier, more sustainable habits. It’s important to continue or return to treatment and learn new patterns and coping mechanisms.

Stages of Relapse

Relapse is far more complicated than the act of returning to drug or alcohol use. The process of relapse may start long before the physical act of using takes place.

Stages of relapse include:

  • Emotional relapse: Use doesn’t occur during this stage. Emotional relapse sets you up for the potential to use in the future. Signs of emotional relapse are congruent with post-acute withdrawal and may include mood swings, isolation, refusal to ask for help, poor self-care, and anxiety.
  • Mental relapse: In this stage, thoughts like, “I could have a drink and then get right back on track,” or “I could use a night out with my old friends,” start to creep up. While active use isn’t happening yet, thoughts are headed in that direction.
  • Physical relapse: Drinking or drug use occurs here, after emotional and mental relapse. Relapse and recovery go hand and hand for some, but it doesn’t have to be this way for you. The good news: relapse recovery is possible.

Common Relapse Triggers

A relapse doesn’t always start with consuming drugs or alcohol. Typically, there are events or emotions known as triggers that precede drug or alcohol use. Some triggers are internal, while others are related to external events. Stress, for instance, is a common internal relapse trigger. Suppose an individual with addiction is used to coping with those feelings through drug use. In that case, it can be difficult to avoid returning to that behavior until new coping mechanisms are in place.

Common triggers of relapse are not always outwardly negative emotions or events. Encountering people or places that were connected to previous addictive behavior can trigger a relapse.

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Relapse Prevention Strategies

Recognize the Signs of a Possible Relapse

Recognizing the signs of a relapse is the first step in preventing one. Sometimes, there is no warning that a relapse is imminent. However, researchers have identified many signs and steps that could be indicators of a coming relapse. Someone whose attitude toward treatment changes may be in danger of a relapse. For instance, they might decide that participating in their recovery program is not as important as it previously was. Mood swings can also be a sign of the danger of a relapse. Often, when someone is faced with new outside stressors that are hard to handle, they will exhibit anger, depression, or other emotions that can be a sign of danger. A loss of structure can be a precursor to a relapse. For instance, if someone in treatment loses their job, a place to live, or other supports, a relapse may follow.

Build a Solid Support Network and USE IT

A successful recovery includes a group of family and friends you can count on for support. This group doesn’t have to be large, but it must be filled with people who love you and whom you trust. You never know when your cravings will strike, and even if they hit in the wee hours of the morning, you should be able to call someone from your support network to talk them through. Trust that when someone says, “Call me anytime you need me,” they mean it. Don’t be afraid to do just that anytime you need to because at that moment, getting you safely to the other side of your craving is the most important thing in the world.

H.A.L.T. Your Relapse Before It Begins

Experiencing certain feelings can trigger bad behaviors. Feeling hungry, angry, lonely or tired (H.A.L.T.) can cause you to turn to the substances that once made you feel good. Minding these is key to staying sober, and they spell out the acronym H.A.L.T.

  • Hungry – An empty stomach is a powerful ally for relapse. Letting yourself get too hungry can intensify cravings and lower your ability to withstand them.
  • Angry – If you get upset, that feeling is often followed by a wave of “Forget this, forget everything. I don’t care.” In this state, the escapism of using can seem attractive, though it will only make everything worse. Exercise or meditation can help you either redirect or let go of anger.
  • Lonely – Isolating is the hallmark behavior of the addict. The more time you spend alone, the further you get away from a healthy and sustainable recovery. Use your network!
  • Tired – Our patience and resiliency are at their lowest when we are exhausted. Be attuned if you’re more irritable or short-tempered than usual. Chances are good, a little extra rest will do you a world of good.

Beware of these H.A.L.T. feelings and know how to deal with them. Taking care of yourself, eating right, exercising, and making new friends are all ways to help you feel more productive and have a better outlook on life.

Make Alternate Plans During Times You Are Most Likely to Use

If you are more likely to use during certain times, make a point to plan something else to keep your mind and body busy during those times. Go to the gym, head to the movie theater, or simply express your feelings in your journal. Anything you can do that keeps you from stressing over not using and keeps you busy is perfect.

Use Positive Affirmations to Drown Out Self-Doubt

Practicing positive affirmations is a great way to retrain your brain to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how good you are, how blessed you are and how strong you are. Here are a few positive affirmations we especially love.

  • I AM worth my own self-love and self-acceptance.
  • I AM capable of doing anything I put effort into.
  • My life matters.
  • My health is an investment in my life.
  • I AM a rockstar!

Success Happens One Day at a Time

Don’t look at the big picture. Take your recovery one day at a time and deal with the emotions happening in the here and now.

How to Get Back on Track After a Relapse

Relapsing is not a failure of your efforts or your recovery process, and it doesn’t mean you have to start all over again. Keep in mind that you have already made enormous progress. Here are some relapse prevention tips to help you move on with your recovery after a relapse:

  1. Learn from the relapse. — Examine what you think led to your choice to use drugs or alcohol during your recovery. Were you upset, experiencing depression, peer pressure, or some other difficulties. Ask for help in minimizing your triggers.
  2. Go to a group support meeting. — Having a support system can make it easier to stay on track. Being among supportive people can help you recommit to maintaining your recovery and build mutually helpful relationships.
  3. Avoid your triggers. — Be creative in avoiding triggers that challenge your ability to stay sober, including certain places, people, activities, etc. Work on healthy ways to manage emotional reactions. This may seem difficult, but group support can help a lot.
  4. Adopt new pastimes. — Find new ways to fill your time, vs. being alone too much with your thoughts. Pick up some new hobbies. Maybe, try an exercise program, volunteering, crafts, cooking, or whatever you enjoy.
  5. Reenter treatment. — Treatment helped you overcome your habit of drug abuse, and it can help you recommit to maintaining your recovery. Reentering treatment offers you new opportunities to further develop the skills and tools needed for long-term recovery.

Five Rules of Recovery

Relapse prevention isn’t as simple as ending your relationship with drugs and alcohol. Preventing relapse requires taking an active role in your recovery. Here, we’ll explore the five rules of recovery that can help you stay on track, even when temptations arise.

Change Your Life

Successful, long-term recovery requires the creation of a life in which it’s easier to stay away from your substance of choice.

Be Completely Honest

Addiction begets lying. When you’re working on your recovery, complete honesty is key. When you find yourself telling fibs, or thinking about telling a “harmless” lie, you’re walking a dangerous line.

Ask For Help

Many people who struggle with addiction believe that they can overcome the problem on their own. While this may be true in rare cases, going through recovery alone is extremely difficult, and in most cases, impossible. Working your program or utilizing an outpatient drug treatment center can be life-saving.

Practice Self-Care

For most people, using drugs and/or alcohol is a way to reward themselves, or to relax and unwind. When you practice proper self-care, you can meet these needs without using them. Self-care is not selfish. When you take care of yourself, you’re able to show up for others in a way that wasn’t possible when you were using.

Don’t Bend the Rules

If you find yourself searching for loopholes within the rules of recovery, you’re dangerously close to relapse. Making secret deals with yourself that you’ll be able to use later in life – once you have things “under control” – is a sign that you need to reach out for support immediately.

Aftercare for Relapse Prevention

Maintaining recovery from drug addiction is generally easier for people who continue to practice, strengthen, and build on the important skills they develop in treatment. So, take advantage of aftercare resources that foster continued growth. Engagement in a support group helps participants keep perspective, maintain balance, learn self-appreciation, communicate, and share mutual support with others. These are all essentials for living one’s best life after leaving drug or alcohol abuse in the past.

Contact Renaissance Ranch Ogden for Help with a Relapse Prevention Plan in Arizona

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is powerful. Getting past the physical and mental dependency is tough, and for some, relapse happens despite their best intentions. While relapse certainly isn’t a deal-breaker, taking that step backward can make moving forward again more difficult. If you can continue moving forward in your recovery and avoid relapse altogether, you will reach your goals faster and with less effort.

When you’re ready to kick your addiction to drugs or alcohol, Renaissance Ranch in Ogden, Utah can help. We use a multi-systemic approach to break the addiction cycle. Our program combines medical and psychological treatment, individual and/or group therapy, spiritual guidance, vocational coaching and your own dedication to becoming sober for a more successful recovery.

If you would like more information about our addiction recovery program, please contact us today.

You do not have to cope with recovery alone. If you or someone you love is struggling with alcoholism, drug addiction, or facing relapse get in touch. We can discuss treatment options and embark on a path toward recovery.

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Addiction Recovery Reviews

I have been working with Renaissance Ranch Ogden (Rose Road Home) for over 7 years. In all of my interactions with them, it is clear they care about their clients and do everything in their power to make sure their clients stay healthy and sober.
Katie Burton
The staff and members of this program are phenomenal. Each group session offers valuable and sustainable tools for overcoming the chaos that addiction and alcoholism creates. Thank you everyone, and thank you Mark for the dive into a lasting program of action!
Angela Otasua
I am very thankful for Renaissance Ranch this program has helped my daughter very much. She has reached her one sobriety and her life has completely turned around for the better and she is now helping others. Thank you from one very happy mother and thank you for your family support program too.
Annette Israelson
Hope can be restored here. Love y’all!
Lori B
Renaissance Ranch is amazing! It has completely changed my life. I came to Renaissance Ranch a year ago desperate and hopeless lost to alcoholism. They showed me how to have hope again and help set the foundations for my recovery! I love the therapist ran groups as well as all of the other great group leaders that have taught me so much about addiction and recovery. I would not be here today if it wasn’t for the constant support I have received through this program! If you are struggling with addiction this is definitely a great program to help you on your journey to freedom!
Terra Leben
Great place. Highly recommend
Kaden B
Renaissance Ranch is an amazing program. Dave and his team are extremely dedicated, honest, and ethical. Sobriety is a long-term commitment and the program at Renaissance Ranch gives you the tools you need to feel your best. I respect the owners’ mission and believe in their commitment to their patients.
JaCee Bullock
This place is the Best. If your addicted to any substance RR can help you overcome it!!!!
Todd Johnson
Great place to find freedom from the bondage of self.
Morgan Berry
The treatment team at the Ogden location is amazing, they know a great deal about effective treatment as well as how important family support is, this is a excellent option for the addict you love and wish to help, Dave thank you so much for the love and passion you put into your work.
Janine Holdaway
It's a great program! I have a friend who went through the program.
Chad Black
Thank you so much saved my uncle's life.
Tyler Morrill
I've been going to the ranch for 6 weeks and not sure where'd I be if I never enrolled. Renaissance is like family and the group convo has got me through sobriety. I'm finally getting my life back together because of this place. Kassidy and Dave are amazing individuals. I Highly recommend Renaissance Ranch if your struggling with addiction.
Derek Martinez
I would recommend this center to anyone looking for help with addiction.My husband went to Renaissance Ranch and he is doing great.I did the family program and it has helped me so much.Thank you!
Chris Davis
Several years ago I went with a loved one to a court ordered addiction program. While I could see that the counselors truly wanted to help their clients, I often left thinking that it was a very cold environment. I never heard anyone there speaking from experience.From the moment I met Dave, I knew he got it and understands the struggles. He freely shares about his own road to recovery. He has always treated me with kindness and respect. Most of all, I see his example of how to live in recovery. I found hope that I can finally conquer my addictions. If you are looking for a place to heal yourself and your family from the ravages of addiction, here's the place to start your journey.
Renee Carpenter
I have a friend who struggled with substance abuse issues for years that went to Renaissance Ranch in Ogden, Ut. It is great to see he has turned his life around and is doing great! I would recommend anyone who has a family member or friend battling substance abuse issues to contact them.
Brandon Bolinder
I am a 24 year old man and came to Renaissance with unmanageable depression, anxiety and anger issues after I tried to quit abusing alcohol and marijuana. I admitted I felt scared and pathetic for even needing treatment. Immediately after my intake interview I joined my first group session and soon learned it wasn't pathetic at all to seek treatment, it was a sign of great strength.The group has always accepted everything I've said with open hearts, challenged my close mindedness with care, and prompted me to share even when I feel closed and isolated.The Ranch has made me realize no one is ever alone. People care for one another here, absences are noticed with concern and relapses (if they happen) are talked through and understood. Shame is NEVER a part of this dynamic. Some sessions are fun and full of laughter and jokes, some are intense and very introspective. At the end of each day, we have all worked through some aspect of our addiction. Without the support of this group I would not have the tools to continue practicing sobriety and reclaim good health and happiness.(However, I did gain about 20 pounds because members often bring sweets to share. You win some you lose some)
Zachery Johnstun
I am forever grateful and in debt to Renaissance Ranch Ogden. The love and support that they offer to myself and others who have struggled with addiction far surpasses to other treatment centers that I have been involved with. The program focuses on the personal development and self-care that is needed to be successful. One-on-one sessions and group meetings are available, and in turn the group members all become extended family that truly care about the success of one another. I am so happy that Renaissance Ranch Ogden has given me a new found hope and ability to tackle any and all obstacles that may come to face, and do so in a positive manner. Truly saved my life, and the well-being of those closest to me. Thank you so much!
T Brim
The Ranch really cares about your personal recovery. It is a friendly loving environment that has helped me and many others to live in peace without addiction. This facility is about helping people not about money and numbers. Thanks love you guys.
Ryan Mccloy
Our family will be forever grateful for this program and the people who work there!!
Teri Mccloy
My brother Ryan is a kind and strong soul. So am i, but Im still lost. The ranch is helping and digging to find my inner self. I respect that. But I'm not rich, so I'm using what I got. And it really is worth it.
Jared Hurst
I got my Brother to do the renaissance ranch program. For his alcohol addiction. He's been going for a 2 weeks now and he really enjoys going. I've been able to talk to him more and his anger problems have been going away. Also his alcohol problem has been decreasing. My brother says that the groups he's been going to don't judge him and he realizes that there are other that there are people there with the same problems if not worse, Dave is a commendable guy, I got to meet a gal their named Charlotte she was awesome. They do one on one counseling with each person. I would recommend this program with any one that needs help in any addiction problem or anger issues. It's been only 2 weeks and I can notice a big difference in my brother already. Thank you Renaissance Ranch.
Ryan Hurst
Finding Renaissance Ranch IOP in Ogden was literally an answer to prayer. Words cannot express how grateful I am for this program and the people who provide it. It has helped me reconnect with God and remove heavy burdens I have carried around for decades. For the first time in a long time I feel like I have real hope - and the support I need to keep moving forward. The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection! The program at RR guides you toward that connection with God, with yourself, and with others. Anyone and everyone could benefit from the knowledge, insights, and support available through this program. There are so many types of addiction, but in the end they are all just different ways to try and cope with stress, fear, pain, etc. This program helps you realize there is only ONE solution to truly overcome addiction and take your life back. Finding Renaissance Ranch is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. So grateful to be a part of it.
Brandon B.
Very nice people. Very good place. Great place to go to get help.
Sam Earley
Amazing staff!! Love this place.
Beau Bingham
This place is awesome!
Josh C
Renaissance Ranch gave me a new life of freedom, happiness and joy!
Bob Featherstone
I found renaissance ranch at a time when my meaning to keep going on had depleted.. I was giving up. As a last resort I started attending groups and from day one something was different from the other programs I looked at.. I felt like they truly cared and they knew where I had been, and truly cared where I was going! the overal feeling you get from this place is something that can't really be described! Whatever it is I can honestly say it has changed and saved me! It's one of those things that if your struggling, you need to come here and feel it for yourself!
Jace Elmer
I truly appreciate the concept of Renaussance Ranch. I feel that there concept of addiction recovery is whole and complete.
Roger Condie
The team at Renaissance Ranch Ogden truly understands how to provide individualized counseling and care. In speaking to them, you'll quickly understand you've found somewhere that truly cares about your mental, spiritual, and emotional health. I highly recommend them.
Laurie Wall
This is a great place I would highly recommend it!
Chris Morris
I knew someone who went through here and they had nothing but great things to say about this place.
Chris Duersch
Uncle went through the program here. Would recommend again.
Hunter Barnes
My uncle went through this program. It has not only helped him and his immediate family so much, but the rest of our family as well. I am grateful for the devotion and love they have towards anyone who comes in. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
Kelsi Barnes
I'm am so grateful for the staff and their program that brought me to a new and thankful life. Their patience and dedication to my recovery literally saved my life.i highly recommend them to anyone truely looking for help in their recovery.
Mark Achter
You are NOT A BURDEN, YOU HAVE A BURDEN that is to heavy to carry. Allow others to help lift this burden.....(Professionals, people just like you and loved ones) Just come!!! That's all they asked. I was wondering if it would REALLY help? I've struggled on and off for 20 years of my life. With every substance. And let me just say this. Why did I wait so dang long? I learned why I did the things I did. Even though I didn't want to. I learned why my habits had taken over my amazing life. But most importantly. I learned I was not unique. All kinds of people!! No matter their status, job, religion. SO BENIFIFICAL!! For me and all involved! Come, experience this PLEASE!! Real life is so much better!!
Josh Adams
I love this place! The staff helps you stay on the right path toward sobriety. They're awesome to work with. I recommend this to anyone that wants help!! If I can give more stars I would.
Jodi Becerril
Know a couple of guys that went through there. They do an amazing job.
Bentley Bingham
I'm amazed at the extra attention given to detail at Renaissance Ranch Ogden, they make everyone feel welcome, they sincerely care for each and every persons needs. The counselors doors are always open if we need some one on one time with them. I didn't know how much I needed their help until I started attending, If you or someone you know needs help with their addiction, I highly recommend Renaissance Ranch Ogden it's warm and welcoming. It's been a fantastic experience on my road to recovery.
Randy Regional Manager
My family had a great experience with Renaissance Ranch. They were empathetic and very sensitive to any and all unique situations.
Christopher Penland
There are so many wonderful things to say about this incredible program that 1) it would be impossible to address all the terrific aspects in one short review, and 2) no matter how eloquent I could write the words will still be inadequate to express just how great this program really is. How could I say how grateful I am for this program that literally has saved my life. When I came into the program I was broken, defeated, overwhelmed and had all but given up. This was my last attempt to save my life. By the time I came to the program I had a suicide plan and means with the intent to end my life. With a family history of completed suicide I knew if I was going to act upon my plan that I would dang sure make sure it worked and that I would complete it not just attempt it. At the time I finally entered the program life felt much harder to continue to live than it felt to just give up and die. I am blessed there are other people in my life that I just didn’t want to hurt to that degree but even so I really was “done” with living. Tired of being addicted and depressed, tired of trying to put my life back in order and unable to do so, I was willing to give my life one more try and the only thing I could think of doing was reaching out to a program and professionals that just might be able to help me. My insurance was not contracted with any dual diagnosis (dx) programs (substance abuse and mental health issues) in this area. So I went in search of a program that might be able to meet my needs. I called several programs in the area and continued to be disappointed and defeated because they would not accept me for one reason or another, or they were not truly dual dx programs. Then I finally talked to Dave Rose with the Renaissance Ranch Addiction Treatment Center and for the first time in many many months I finally found a little bit of hope. He knew my story, he had lived my story, and now he was busy helping others change the ongoing chapters of their lives. I felt accepted and understood from the beginning, both with my addiction and with the serious aspect of my mental illness. I had been down for such a long time and without hope for such a prolonged period that I still did not hold out a lot of hope. At least when I talking with Dave about this program I could tell here was a real person who truly sounded genuine, passionate and informed about these diseases. He was transparent, honest and encouraging and I could tell he really understood what was going on with me because he told me my story before I told my story to him. He truly knew what I was doing, what I was going through, what I was feeling and just how low I had fallen.(please see 2nd and 3rd part of this review, thanks)
Diana Williams
I know Dave Rose personally and he is one of the best people I know. If you, or someone you care about needs help, this is the place to go. Dave will make sure the kind of treatment needed will be given.
Jon West
My family and I are forever grateful for Renaissance ranch. Dave rose is my uncle and he was at a point in his life where he felt like it was over and he couldn't find a way out. It got to the point where it was about to tear our family apart, and ever since he came here it has strengthened his relationship with his immediate family especially his wife Chris and the rest of us as well. They got sealed in the temple together and changed him into a completely different person for the better. Love this program!
Andrea oettinger
I've been so impressed with the tremendous blessings our family has seen. We have watched Dave Rose and his family increase spiritually and his example has helped our family and so many others.
Cory Davis
The Ranch saved my life in 2009! My husband went to rehab there and I was able to participate in the family program they offered. I thought my husband was the one that needed "fixin" but I learned that addiction is truly a family disease.....I was able to find my Savior and apply his atonement into my life.....and for that, I am forever grateful!!!
Shalonna Rich
In 2004 I was searching for a rehab facility for myself. I met with David Rose and was so impressed. He helped me get a scholarship for the program. I attended Therapia women's center in St George and it's the best decision I ever made. David made me feel so comfortable and was so knowledgeable because he has been through it himself. I will never forget his kindness and willgness to help me. I am celebrating 4 years sober this year thanks to Renaissance Ranch and Therapia!
Rachel Goodrich
Great place to go for treatment. I'm forever grateful for the Ranch and the experiences I had there.
JASON CHRISTENSEN (brandjason23)
Dave Rose and Renaissance Ranch were an amazing resource to me when I was serving as an LDS Bishop. I was able to see the miracle of addiction recovery and healing for one my good friends and ward members who had struggled with drug addiction for most of his life. He has been sober for 5 years now. The blessings of freedom from this awful sickness are immeasurable to this good man and his family.
Quinn Kunz
I am personal friends with someone who went thru this program. His story is inspirational. Reinaissance Ranch is a place of hope and success.
Judi Van Eperen
I had the opportunity to work with Dave Rose for several years. He approaches this mission with empathy, love and compassion. If you, or your loved one, need addiction treatment,; trust that Dave and Renaissance Ranch will provide the highest standard of care. Be assured that you'll be treated with honesty, integrity and dignity. Helping addicts and families to recover from this affliction is the priority of Dave Rose. I'm aware of the service which Renaissance Ranch Ogden provides,, and would highly recommend this program.Steven Brown, LCSW
Steve Brown
I am very grateful for Dave Rose and the Renaissance Ranch Ogden Staff. I am currently in The IOP program, and it has provided me with a safe place to go and share how my day is going. It has also set me up with the structure I need in my life right now. The facility is beautiful inside, and has a strong "spirit of recovery" feeling inside. I feel very blessed to be in IOP with Renaissance Ranch Ogden and have another chance at life, I would definitely Recommend Renaissance Ranch Ogden to anyone battling drug Addiction!Adam T. Honstein
Adam Honstein
I have known Dave Rose since we were both 15 years old, at Ogden High School in the early 1980's. I have always loved how accepting he has been of me, even in my painfully shy, awkward early days. I could see he was hurting, yet never understood why, and this was the time he began struggling with substance abuses. I definitely could relate with him, yet my issues were different.After High School graduation, about five years later, we worked together, and it was blatantly obvious he was deep in his struggle with addiction, yet I didn't know what to say, so didn't say anything. He was still that likeable guy, just lost within himself.Time passed then recently he opened the South Ogden Renaissance Ranch Addiction Recovery Center, and invited me over for a tour. We shared our life experiences with each other, and I feel so blessed to see the beginning stage, the intermediate stage, and then finally the end result of recovery. He has always been that amazing guy, yet he needed to find in himself what the rest of us who loved him saw all along, yet if we would have told him about it, he would not have believed it.He invited me to sit in on the family group evening sessions, and I accepted. After all, one can never learn too much. These group lessons on support and encouragement for loved ones struggling with addiction have been an eye opener for me, and I walk away filled with so much love for these people. GOD truly loves all his children!! I highly recommend this program to anyone who feels lost and alone. Dave Rose is truly a shepherd of the lost sheep.
Bonnie Sass
When I first met with Dave I was not really sure I wanted help. I just met with him because I was curious about treatment and really quite honestly wasn't ready to quit Heroin. I have battled with Opiate addiction for about 8 or so years. I still had some drugs at home and so I told him that I will start treatment on my time. So I continued to use for about 2 more weeks and then finally started treatment. During those 2 weeks Dave always kept in contact with me trying to get me to come to treatment earlier but I was stubborn and went when I was ready.The first night I was supposed to go to group I took Suboxone too early so I was sick. Two people from the group came and talked with me as I was laying sick on the couch for about an hour and they really made me feel welcome. During the first few weeks of coming clean I would text Dave and he really helped me pull out of some really dark days.Renaissance Ranch has really been my saving grace. The counselors are amazing and really care. I love going to group each night. Everyone in the group are great and I love how I can for once be my honest true self and there is no judgement from anybody. When I first started the group was really small and it was kind of discouraging and there were a couple people that hardly came because they were battling with relapsing and now the group is a good size and really fun. We have all really bonded and I look forward to going each night. After 3 months you can switch to 2 nights a week but for me I would rather keep going 4 nights a week because of how much help I get and I also love to share and help others.I would highly recommend Renaissance Ranch Ogden to anyone that needs help with addiction. It's an amazing treatment program and Dave and the counselors truly care about you and are always willing to work with you on any problems you may have.Thanks Renaissance Ranch Ogden!!! 107 of sobriety so far!
Jake Nilson
After I got home from a residential rehab last fall I felt I needed some ongoing support, I visited with Dave and began an outpatient program with the team at Renaissance Ranch. It was a great experience, I found genuine people who truly care about helping others find hope. I am thankful every day for my sobriety and Renaissance Ranch was a great support on my road to recovery. I highly recommend anyone looking for help with their addictions to visit with Dave. Thank you Dave and all the staff for your kind hearts, love and support. Lewis Brown
Lewis Brown
Had a friend go through this drug rehab program in Ogden with Dave and the team over there. I attended a support group and found the direction and flow to be very motivating. He's been sober for several years now because of these guys. I had complete forgotten about that until I just came across em online and figured Id review because it worked. If you have addiction or need drug rehab assistance, the Renaissance Ranch in Ogden is awesome.
Brandon Swenson
My brothers dependency on drugs and alcohol had taken over his life. He had been in other rehab programs but they did not work for him. Thanks to Renaissance Ranch he was able to overcome his drug and alcohol addictions. He has not only gotten his life back but he has been able to build his relationships back with his wife and daughter. This program is amazing and I recommend it!!!
Becky Baumann
Renaissance ranch saved my dads life. He was in and out of rehab facilities and we had lost hope of anything helping him, until the ranch. The people were kind, attentive, and made sure to support him on his journey to sobriety. He made many friends he considers to be like family at the Ranch. He is 11 years sober now and it is all thanks to this place. Call them.
Megan Bingham
I was a patient of Renaissance Ranch in 2007. The concern and care for my sobriety and my well being was far beyond what I expected. 8½ years later and still sober. The people make all the difference and "The Ranch" has the people. Even all of this time later those people still care and I consider them lifelong friends.
Brent Swensen
Renaissance Ranch has been the life's blood of my recovery from drug and alcohol dependence. I didn't believe life was even possible without a drink or a drug, I was hopelessly addicted. Today I'm free and I don't have to drink or drug ever again. I don't have to walk down that road of continuously feeling angry, hopeless or ashamed of myself. I have been givin a new life, I feel liberated and alive, and it's all do to this simple program. I highly recommend Renaissance Ranch to anyone struggling with substance abuse or alcohol addiction
Jeffery Wood
My name is Dixie Davis. I am David's mother in law. David is the results of many prayers of family members. Our daughter Chris and David had fallen away from the LDS church. They both discovered in their own ways the wonderful plan of salvation and the saviors wonderful gift of repentance. Thanks to the Renaissance Ranch they are miracles and examples that the Ranch can turn lives around. Dave also helped our son in law Mike Kihom and his wife, our daughter Carrie Kihlm. Of course let us not forget our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Chris are the guiding light in this program. Miracles can happen never give up.
James Davis
I went through the ranch in 2006 I had lost all hope and did not believe ther was any way out. I was desperate and was finally willing to go to any length . Renaissance gave me the tools and helped me reconnect with my father in heaven. I owe my life to renaissance ranch and am blessed to have formed many life long friends. ...
Jon Cheney
I will forever be grateful to the opportunity I had to enter the Ranch, now over 10 years ago. Addiction is a spiritual disease as much as anything else in my opinion, and although I felt alone at the time, came to realize that a power greater than myself could restore me to sanity. The Ranch provided the environment and instruction I needed to begin to recover from the devastating effects of alcoholism. David Rose and his wife Chris Rose, are amazing people who have a deep love for the addict that is still suffering. I would highly recommend contacting Dave or referring him to any of my family, friends, or others.
Michael Kiholm
if anybody needs help with addiction this is the place to go. The Ranch has turned my life around and gave me a reason to wake up and be sober every morning the staff is more than amazing and wonderful with each and every client.I thank god every morning for this place and the new life it has giving me.
Howard Darr
Dave Rose and the Renaissance Ranch truly have a passion for recovery and helping others. I would recommend any loved one and would trust this facility with their care and support.
Nick Lindholm

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