What is Spirituality?

When entering recovery, spirituality may not be the first thing many people thinks of. It is, however, a fundamental part of the process of overcoming addiction. Spirituality can be an important but sometimes confusing concept for individuals entering a recovery program. Spirituality is often confused with religiousness. Organized religions, by definition are “a set of beliefs…usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.” Spirituality, on the other hand, is an individual’s search for something larger than themselves and a connection to the world around them. It is a desire to achieve a larger perspective about our lives and discover our true purpose. During recovery, patients need to reconnect with the spiritual aspects of their lives. Often, this is something that is lost during addiction. This loss also disconnects individuals from the people in their lives. The staff at Renaissance Ranch Ogden understand the importance of this aspect of recovery and help gently guide clients to rediscover this part of their being.

Spirituality in Recovery

Spirituality can help in many ways, if the client is willing to open themselves up. Below are a few ways in which client’s benefit from the inclusion of spirituality during their recovery process.

  • Addiction takes away focus from everything real in life. Thoughts become focused on the drug of choice and the next using opportunity. Spirituality gives us the opportunity to make our own choices. By delving into your purpose, you are better able to connect to the people and the world around you.
  • Life with an addiction means a life without growth and change. As humans, we must strive to keep growing and striving to be better than we are today. Addiction does not allow for this normal development to occur, however. By adding a spiritual element to the recovery process, we are forced to examine who we are and what we can achieve.
  • Addiction limits our ability to have real relationships. Through dishonesty with others and lying to ourselves, we slowly cut off ties with the people who care about us the most. Spirituality, however, is about looking beyond ourselves and connecting at a deeply human level with the world around us.
  • Spirituality allows us to see with the eyes of a child again. This is often lost in addiction. Coming back to a place of wonderment and awe allows us to begin to have faith again. As a practice, spirituality will also allow us to recognize the things that we are truly grateful for. As we develop faith, we also become more comfortable with change. True growth is about change and sometimes that requires taking risks. The end result is honest, open relationships.

Let Renaissance Ranch Ogden Help You In Recovery

Renaissance Ranch Ogden is a 12-step program that utilizes the latest advances in research. The program involves several different therapies including experiential and adventure therapy, group sessions and family therapy. The staff understands that everyone experiences addiction differently so the counseling and therapy are geared to address the individual’s specific needs. Varied therapy options allow individuals to better understand the nature of their disease and grow in their recovery. Addiction not only affects the individual but their families, as well. Family counseling provides support to those affected by a loved one who is addicted.

The staff at Renaissance Ranch Ogden want to provide you with the help you, or someone you know, needs. Contact us here, or call 1-855-736-7262 and make today the day you take the first step toward recovery.

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