Eating Healthy - New Year’s Resolutions To Boost Your Recovery

With the temperatures starting to drop outside, the holidays are clearly right around the corner. After Thanksgiving, Christmas will follow closely behind. While this is a time for family members, friends, and other loved ones to get together and catch up, this can also be a challenging time of year for those who are in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Surrounded by memories and alcohol, this can bring on a lot of stress that can be challenging for those in recovery. Fortunately, there is a New Year resolutions list that can help people stay on track during their drug and alcohol rehab.

New Year Resolution 1. Learning a New Sober Hobby

One of the key steps that people need to take in order to free themselves from an addiction is to change up the routine. Changing up the routine will eliminate the circumstances that drove someone to drink in the first place. One of the ways to do this is to learn a new sober hobby. This may take the form of an art or craft, such as woodworking or knitting. This might even include sports, such as intramural basketball or soccer. Ther are also individual sports such as golf that people can try. This might even include learning a new language or picking up a good book. A new sober hobby is a great New Year’s resolution for those in recovery.

New Year Resolution 2. Writing in a Journal

Another great resolution to think about is writing in a journal. Writing in a journal is a great way or someone to reflect on their life, their addiction, and how they have recovered since then. Writing in a journal will allow someone to reflect without reliving, reminding them of why they decided to free themselves from their addiction in the first place. Making a resolution to write in a journal every day during the new year can help someone stay sober.

New Year Resolution 3. Exercising on a Regular Basis

Exercise is a common New Year’s resolution; however, for someone in recovery, it simply means more. Exercise is a great way to not only take care of one’s health but also keep someone’s mood elevated. Exercise releases endorphins which can help someone stay happy. Exercise can also help someone manage stress, which is one of the keys to staying sober. Think about making a resolution to exercise several times per week.

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It is important for those in drug and alcohol treatment to come up with the best New Year resolutions to boost their recovery. Those who are looking for high-quality drug and alcohol rehab and treatment services should rely on the team at Renaissance Ranch Ogden. We work hard to make sure that everyone feels welcome. We stay up to date on the latest information in our field, ensuring that everyone has access to the most advanced treatment options. Furthermore, our professionals make sure that everyone is treated with care and compassion, free from any judgment or stigma. We will work hard to make sure that you and your family are well taken care of, particularly around the holiday season.

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